What are Botox injections, and what do they do?

Botox is one of several trade names which are used to refer to the botulinum toxin protein. While high amounts of this protein can cause the paralytic condition known as botulism. Small, diluted amounts of the protein have been used in cosmetic medicine for years.

When injected near the site of wrinkles the toxic acts by relaxing the muscles which cause the wrinkles. While the wrinkles may not completely disappear after a single treatment, follow up us can result in the muscles learning to remain relax, thus eliminating the wrinkles that come with aging.

Many people hail Botox injections as a new kind of non-invasive face lift. In many cases Botox injection can replace the traditional face lift, however large amounts of loose skin, and scars will need to be addressed with traditional plastic surgery.

While commercial Botox has only been popular for a few year, some doctors were experimenting with therapeutic uses for the toxin as early as the 1960’s. The first known medical uses of Botox were to help deal with crossed eyes and uncontrolled blinking. Sine then it has blossomed into a cosmetics miracle, and even now Botox is being used, experimentally, to treat muscles spasms, prostate enlargement, overactive bladder, and even migraines.

The injections are made with a small needles, to minimize pain, and maximize accuracy, into certain groups of muscles of the face. After injection there may be some swelling, or bruising near the injection site, this very common, and expected. Always make sure that the injections are done by a licensed professional, as there are a few cases of phony doctors running Botox clinics.

Botox may not be right for everyone, and in rare cases there have been adverse effects to treatment. Always make sure to obtain medical council before deciding to have Botox injections, so you know the various risks and rewards associated with Botox In Austin.

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