The Many Uses Of Botox.

While the long standing belief is that the only uses for Botox are cosmetic this is not the truth. The field of medicine is finding a huge number of new ways to use Botox to enrich the lives of people. While in the past the primary uses for Botox were for wrinkle removal, and helping correct crossed eyes, Botox is now being used in major medicine to treat a wide number of ailments.

Botox works by stunning the muscle. This is what makes it so useful in reducing wrinkles, as it forces the face to remain relaxed. This muscle stunning ability can also help people who suffer from writers cramp, as it relaxes the clenched muscles, and allows them to remain relaxed for a long period of time.

Some studies have found that Botox can be used to help people suffering from pain associated with an enlarged prostate. While this use for Botox is still in an extremely experimental phase, the outlook is bright.

One of the most surprise uses for Botox, is treating depression with it. While no component of Botox works in the brain the esthetically changes have show to help people with depression. In some cases depression is tired to appearance, and the changes Botox makes in the physical appearance of a person has actually helped people suffering from depression.

Some studies show that Botox can actually help with overactive bladder by reducing stress on the bladder caused by various muscle groups in the lower abdomen.

Botox is being used in a huge number of research projects across the world right now. While Botox still remains primarily a cosmetic medicine, in a few years there is no tell what medical science will be able to do with the substance. Any disorder which involves long term muscle spasticity may be treated to some degree with Botox Austin.

Category : Blog Posted on December 31, 2010

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