The Benefits of Botox

Smoothing out wrinkles with botox is easy, affordable and highly recommended. There was a time when botox was used mainly by celebrities, however, today botox has spread to the main stream society and is used by many. Botox is one of the most convenient ways of evening out wrinkles and usually has no recovery time. A regular botox session usually last only a few minutes, allowing for the patient to be on their way in no time. Anesthetics are not used during treatments as the pain is minimal. In case of pain after the treatment, aspirin or a regular pain killer is usually recommended.

Botox stands for Botulinum Toxin, just as the name suggests, botox being a toxin can be deadly. However, as it is purified before being used on patients, botox has provided millions of people with the benefit of having a wrinkle free face. A treatment consists of the doctor injecting botox with a fine needle into the muscle where the wrinkle is located. Botox is usually used to smooth out the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes and works best with wrinkles that are not deep. Light botox Austin is recommended at the first sign of wrinkles in which case you can ensure the wrinkles do not become too deep, but are still able to maintain a young and natural look.

Aside from looking your best, it has been discovered that botox has another great benefit: easing the pain of migraines. Recent studies have shown that having botox injections has limited the pain felt by a headache or migraine. Medical experts have come to believe that the drug, botox, blocks pain signals being sent from the sensory nerves to the brain. Patients suffering from migraines have reported an immediate difference in their pain level and most claim the pain was cut in half after the treatment.

Category : Blog Posted on December 30, 2010

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