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I had level-2 acne. The Aesthetician suggested a series of chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Through this and a good skincare regimen my skin is now clear of breakouts!! However, I was left with the hideous acne scars. I continued the series of chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and now I am happy to say the scars have been reduced by 60%! I am now starting the DNA Stem Cell Facial to heal the remaining 40% of scarring. For the first time I can say I am proud and happy with my skin. Soon I will be able to say it is flawless!! All thanks to Austin Aesthetics!!

– J.C., Austin, TX

Refirme worked wonders for me in ways I could not expect. Not only did it diminish my fine lines and wrinkles (which is VERY important in my line of business with the entertainment industry), but it also seemed to clear symptoms of TMJ. My skin looks so smooth. Many men don’t take care of their skin, but not having those lines and wrinkles makes me feel great! Not having my jaw pain is a real unexpected plus that im extremely grateful for. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable which made it a very comfortable experience for me- I was nervous to go under a laser but my mind was put to ease and the treatment was absolutely painless! Thank you.

– Z.G., Austin, TX (35 yr old male)

I was hesitant to try Botox mainly because I didn’t want to admit that I was starting to show signs of aging. I am 28, and had my first wrinkles appear on my forehead. Dr Feste was so sincere and educated me with the many different options Austin Aesthetics had to offer me to correct my little signs of aging. I looked at Dr. Feste’s extensive aesthetic background before I made the decision to get Botox and was certain I made the right choice to come to Austin Aesthetics. Dr. Feste and staff are very caring and made my experience a great one. I will be back for years to come. Thank you Austin Aesthetics!!!

– T.L., Austin, TX

Refirme has been so wonderful for me. At 23 I thought I was FAR too young for wrinkles, but with all the smiling and laughing I do- I had a terrible parenthesis around my mouth. My makeup would settle into those lines and I looked like a puppet! That’s awful for anyone, but I certainly wasn’t interested in it at such a young age! Refirme was completely painless- it was actually soothing, and the results were nearly immediate. After completing just a few sessions I no longer look like a marionette after laughing. I HIGHLY recommend this treatment to anyone.

– B.A., Austin, TX

Mesotherapy has saved me from the ego crash I suffer every summer. I heard about it almost 10 years ago and thought it was too good to be true all the way up till September of 2010 when I finally decided to get my first treatment done. WOW!!! No matter how much weight I lost or how much I tried to tone my legs, I could NEVER get rid of the ‘banana strap’ of fat on my upper thighs. It was so bad my family used to tell me to yank my shorts down thinking my backside wasn’t covered up! I have now completed 2 sessions of mesotherapy and that bulge of fat is nearly gone completely. It feels AMAZING to wear shorts without worrying about how lumpy my thighs looks, or worrying about fat bulging out of my shorts. By summer 2011 I will have completed only 3 rounds of mesotherapy and will feel happy and confident in shorts with GREAT legs I have tried SO hard to achieve. Thank you so much Austin Aesthetics!

– L.A., Austin, TX