Skin Fillers At Austin Aesthetics

Aging happens to everyone. Unfortunately aging produces fine lines and wrinkles. Some are blessed with skin that is much slower than others in the development of these skin imperfections. The sun causes our skin to age more quickly as well as smoking and just simply by using the facial muscles to talk, chew, squint and normal daily use! We notice a difference in our skin as this happens. At first there may be “crows feet” around the eyes, lines across the forehead or between the brow and normally some sagging begins to develop around the chin area.

Some people are turning to what is known as skin fillers aka “dermal fillers” or “injections”. Some provide a temporary, short- term effect while others provide a more permanent solution. Some skin fillers are administered through a tiny needle to the affected area and will put a substance, much like the one that is already naturally found in the skin, into the facial area that is affected correcting moderate to severe facial wrinkles making it look full and plump again. Some injections do not fill the skin with substance. Some block the muscles surrounding the area.

Some skin fillers are made from a biodegradable gel material. This is used to smooth folds and wrinkles around the eye and mouth region. Sometimes fat from the persons own body (abdomen and thigh) is used. It is taken from the different areas and then injected into the problem sites. Some of the fillers that Austin Aesthetics use are: Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane, and Restylane

Many skill fillers are made from refined cow skin. This is used to actually repair scarring and for filling wrinkles. This product is a protein and will naturally, over-time be reabsorbed into the skin. Another product being used in some cases is a biodegradable plastic for restoring facial volume. There are certain types of mild acid that can be injected as well. There are some skin fillers that not only add volume but restore the skins natural smoothness as well.

Patients should meet with a professional to see which type of therapy will work best for them with the least amount of side effects. There are many benefits with skin fillers. There is very little recovery time. The expense is nowhere near that of surgery. Normally one will need to return for subsequent injections and expect the results to last from a few months to around a year.

Category : Blog Posted on December 26, 2010

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