Restylane lip injections

Restylane is something that is used as a lip injection or filler, It is similar to juvederm and has been used with great effect by plastic surgeons and dermatologists for a good effect. This is a filler and can last from nine to 15 months so it is used with good results by many individuals. This filler is widely praised by a number of people who seem to feel that it does what it is supposed to do, and makes the lips fuller.

The only side effects that are sometimes mentioned with these injections is the fact that the procedure can sometimes leaves bumps or wrinkles. These are often temporary however, and individuals find that they can go away quickly. Many people like the results of this procedure and speak well of it. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons also like the process. Restylane is relatively affordable. It costs anywhere from 500 to 1,000 dollars for the procedure. The price of 700 dollars is about average for this cosmetic event.

This process is something that is easy to do and most people like the results, so it is something that can be counted on to make the individual happy and feel satisfied. The side effects are few and far between. Austin Restylane is typically not painful and a simple numbing pinprick on the side of the lips can take away the pain of the procedure.

Some patients only have ice used as a numbing before the process and suffer little pain.

This is a process that often makes the individual feel more satisfied with their appearance and lasts for months. It is safe and effective and should be considered by those who wish to augment their lips. It is a procedure that can be done is a matter of minutes in your dermatologists or plastic surgeon’s office.

Category : Blog Posted on January 1, 2011

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