Restylane Filler

The newest and hottest thing on the market today for facial treatments is Restylane Filler. This substance is non – surgical and biodegradable.

Made from non-animal-based products, this clear hyaluronic acid based gel adds moisture and fills in those tiny wrinkles that many find undesirable. This non-surgical procedure is not invasive like many forms of cosmetic procedures. No going under the knife, simple injections to the desired areas and done.

These treatments are very affordable in relation to more traditional cosmetic procedures. Typically the cost is $500.00, although it can be marginally higher depending upon the type and extent of the procedure. A much less cost prohibitive treatment than is traditionally seen.

Done in under one hour in the doctors office, this treatment is easy and fast, and will last for months. The injection areas do not need to be anesthetized, other than the lip treatment, and the patient is able to simply go about their day afterwards. As this treatment has a biocompatible nature, the need for allergy tests is not necessary. Never has it been easier to get a fresh new look.

The risk of side effects is low. Typically, if a side effect is going to occur, it will be in the form of swelling, itching, some redness, or slight bruising. These side effects will generally disappear after a matter of hours or in more bothersome cases a few days. Since this is a biocompatible product the risk of allergic reaction is nearly non-existent. Excessive heat and sunlight should be avoided immediately after a treatment is completed. Should a patient want to have a different procedure done, perhaps a chemical peel, then they should be advised there may be a risk of the area which was treated may become inflamed.

All in all, the Austin Restylane Filler treatment is a low cost highly effective way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines with minimal risk.

Category : Blog Posted on December 25, 2010

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