Radiesse Injection

Radiesse injection is a synthetic substance to be used on deep skin folds, wrinkles, or even in your lips. This procedure is a rather simple one with very little risk involved. If you feel you have started get those obvious wrinkles and skin folds this is a great way to reverse that effect to keep you looking beautiful and young. Keeping your skin looking good with a very natural substance that does not affect your health at all.

Radiesse is made of a synthetic substance containing calcium hydroxyl petite. There are no known allergic reactions that have occurred with this procedure giving it a much better reputation than botox. If injected with a proper technique and anesthesia, the injections are virtually pain free. The only downside to this procedure is after the injection you may see some bruising but most patients are able to bounce back almost as soon as the next day. The Austin Radiesse injections have a very large advantage in the fact that it’s known to last up to three years. Keeping you from having to have this done on a regular basis, you can stay beautiful for longer with a chemically safe substance.

The science behind this procedure is when injected into the deep ermis and subuctis, the injection provides a matrix which the bodies own tissue begins to grow and add volume in a natural and safe way. This way is used to fill in for soft tissue augmentation in your lips and cheeks. Along with helping fill in those pesty deep skin folds and wrinkles that may plague your true beauty. A small needle is used to inject the Radiesse after you have been given a local anesthetic for any pain during the procedure. The more painful injections are known to be in and around the lip area. Once again, this is a seemingly painful procedure all together with the ability to bring that youth back to your face. With the solution of a simple procedure, removing any wrinkles or folds that are annoying you or taking your self confidence away you can be feeling beautiful all over again.

Category : Blog Posted on December 27, 2010

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