Radiesse In Austin

Collagen is an essential part of keeping your facial skin looking young and radiant. As we age, we naturally lose and slow the production of collagen. This can lead to lose of elasticity and flexibility leading to wrinkles and sagging. Until now, they only way to improve this was invasive surgeries such as face-lifts. Not anymore. With Radiesse, one simple treatment can help your skin produce collagen again. You will look younger and refreshed! Best of all, Radiesse is a non-evasive, out-patient treatment. Easy to fit in treatment in your busy schedule.

Radiesse is injectable filler that stimulates collagenesis, the natural process of our skin producing collagen. This will plump up the skin, erasing wrinkles and fine lines. Radiesse can be treated in four areas; smile lines, marionette lines, pre-jowl and oral commisure. With injection all the areas will have immediate plumpness, up to 80 percent improvement immediately and will continue to smooth out for up to a year as the skin will now produce more collagen.

Radiesse is also convenient and has very little pain. Unlike surgeries like face-lifts that require a long period of recovery with bruising and scars; Austin Radiesse is quick and almost painless. The injection is mixed with lidocaine, which is an anesthetic that will significantly reduce pain during injection. The entire procedure will take less than 15 minutes and you can leave the office within minutes of receiving the treatment. You can also continue on with your day after treatment, no need for recovery time and no one will know that you just had treatment. You will still look like you, just more refreshed and revived.

Call today for a consultation and to schedule your treatment. No allergy testing is needed since there are no animal products in it and virtually no risk of allergic reaction. A new, refreshed and youthful you is just a phone call away.

Category : Blog Posted on December 27, 2010

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