Photofacial Laser

Are you sick of looking in the mirror at those age spots, or red splotches? Are you tired of covering those blemishes that do not go away even with makeup? Photofacial laser may be the treatment for you without having to undergo surgery, or even take time off work for a recovery period.

Photofacial Laser is a treatment that reverses all things of the skin that looks dull and lifeless. This treatment uses light to reverse the damage caused to our skin by all environmental factors especially sunlight. However, more than one course of treatment is needed to achieve desired results.

The device used in Photo Facial Laser treatments is a gentle pulsing light on the area of skin damaged. This light i penetrates right under to the epidermis instead of attacking the outer layer of skin. This means less damage being caused to the outer layers of the skin making healing time faster.

A course of five or more treatments taken over a three week period will give a person the desired look they are wanting to achieve. The most common side effect following this treatment is redness of the skin that will last only a day. This sensation will be that of a sunburn.

When it comes to this procedure you can expect to spend anywhere from two hundred to two thousand a treatment depending on the amount of skin you are having treated. Also another factor is the damage of the skin as well.

Treatments take 30-45 minutes. The best part about having this treatment is that patients can apply makeup before leaving the office. Better yet patients can return to work the same day. Patients who are a candidate for this procedure is anyone who wants to get rid of that old, worn down look. Austin Photofacial Laser is the new plastic surgery without the recovery period.

Category : Blog Posted on December 30, 2010

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