Mesotherapy: Eliminate Your Double Chin

Mesotherapy for Cellulite and Fat Reduction From Targeted Areas.

Mesotherapy is the thrilling tried and tested alternative to plastic surgery for dramatically reducing fat deposits from problem areas such as the chin, stomach, thighs, lower eyelids, bra line and love handles.

Eliminate your double chin and enhance your jaw line.

Mesotherapy is an effective approach for non-surgically reducing fat and cellulite. Recovery is quick and normal activities can be resumed the day following treatment.

The treatment involves a series of injections using specific pharmacology to melt fat cells and break down cellulite structures. Most fat reduction requires 2-4 sessions with multiple injections into the fat layer during each session.

Cellulite treatment can take up to 8 sessions to get the desired smooth effect. And it really works!

Mesotherapy has been practiced widely in Europe for years and is now available in the United States from a few highly trained and specialized mesotherapists.

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