Juvederm Lips

Juvederm is one of the newest and most popular skin care service on the market. Juvederm is specifically targeted for those fine line and winkles that naturally occur with age around your lips. It has been shown that one treatment can last up to a year! Best of all this is a simple out patient treatment, no one will know that you had the procedure done. Yet everyone will notice the younger, more vibrant you!

Juvederm is simply a gel filler with lidocaine that helps with comfort level during treatment. Juvederm is used to treat three different areas around the mouth. Small winkles directly above the center of lips, smile lines (lines that run from the nose to corners of mouth vertically) and marionette lines (lines that occur below the corners of mouth). All the winkles are caused by a loss of Hyaluronic acid or HA. HA is a molecule that helps our skin absorb and maintain water, which add volume. When the skin ages, it will lose the ability to do this. Juvederm works to replenish the HA in your skin, thus plumping the moisture back into your skin which makes the winkles smooth back out. While there are other HA fillers on the market, only Juvederm has the patented Hylacross gel. Hylacross provides a smooth flow into the skin, allowing for a natural look and less chance of bruising.

The procedure is a non-surgical, non-invasive injection. It will only take up to fifteen minutes to perform the smooth gel injection. So it’s easy to fit it into your schedule; a quick stop in to erase wrinkles and you can continue on with the rest of your day! Juvederm is also the only FDA approved filler to last for a year. Majority of patients will only need one treatment. It can treat even the deepest of wrinkles and all types and colors of skin.

Category : Blog Posted on December 29, 2010

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