Injectable Fillers In Austin

As many women and men age, they develop fine lines, wrinkles, and creases on thier faces. One way to decrease or remove these facial imperfections is to use injectable fillers.

Licensed dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are qualified to inject various substances gently under the facial skin areas that need it most. The treatments usually only take five or ten minutes. Often, several injections need to be given. Over the years, these injections have been naturally-occurring, plump-up compounds, such as collagen and silicone. Almost immediately after injection, the client can start to see visible differences in the appearance of her skin. People of most any age are suitable candidate for this injectable filling procedure.

The results will give you a much more youthful, beautiful complexion. You’ll instantly look younger, and you’ll also feel better about yourself when you’re confident that you look better. Areas such as crow’s feet around the eyes, and dark circles under the eyes can be worked on. Also, a person’s lips can be plumped up when a dermatologist uses these injectable fillers. The results usually last for several months. After that, the procedure needs to be performed again. Injectable fillers on one’s face are not tantamount to having a face lift or an eyebrow lift.

Nothing surgical is done when using these fillers. It’s a low-invasive procedure. But it’s still important to find a highly qualified, board certified skin specialist to perform any injectable procedure you’re considering. The most popular candidates for achieving success using injectable fillers are middle aged and elderly individuals, for they will have more lines and wrinkles. These fillers can’t do much about covering up or removing other facial imperfections, such as birth marks, freckles, or acne pimples. There are other procedures for that. Ask your dermatologist for more information.

But if you want to remain young looking, then using these fillers on your face can be the most cost effective and safest way to go about it. Some of the fillers that Austin Aesthetics use are: Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane, and Restylane.

Category : Blog Posted on December 28, 2010

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