3 Main Types of Dermal Fillers

A dermal filler is primarily used to decrease the visibility of fine lines, light surface scars, and lip enhancements. The dermal filler is given by injection and is often referred to as the “liquid lift”. Often able to heed results similar or comparable to surgical lift but, without the scaring or recovery. Dermal fillers offer […]

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Even Skin Tone – Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation

A fairly new anti-aging treatment called photofacial skin rejuvenation has proven to deliver on its promises for younger looking skin. With the use of pulsating light, brown spots, Rosacea, age spot and sun damaged skin can be treated for a faster alternative to months and months of cream and lotion. This is a non-surgical skin […]

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Collagen injections – an overview:

Human body has numerous components for performing diverse functions. One such component in human skin is collagen, which helps in retaining the elasticity of the skin. Collagen is one abundant protein inside body that provides structural support for bones, ligaments and tendons. The texture and shape of human skin depend upon the amount of collagen […]

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Healthy Skin – The Truth About The Cosmetic Industry

Is it possible to have ageless skin? Does the knowledge exist for youthful, healthy skin? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes. The good news is that science tells us how to make our skin both healthy and youthful looking at any age. It does require effort and discipline to succeed. […]

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Acne – Successful Treatments

ACNE is a medical problem with enormous psychological and emotional consequences. Acne and problem skin plague people of all ages. It can take an enormous toll on the person who suffers with it. A person of any age with acne may have low self-esteem, be teased, or limit their life due to their feelings about […]

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Radiesse Injection

Radiesse injection is a synthetic substance to be used on deep skin folds, wrinkles, or even in your lips. This procedure is a rather simple one with very little risk involved. If you feel you have started get those obvious wrinkles and skin folds this is a great way to reverse that effect to keep […]

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Cosmetic Fillers

What do men and women want now? They want a more youthful look. Women and men are seeking treatments to minimize crow’s feet, forehead furrows, and laugh lines. A popular treatment is cosmetic fillers into the face. Injectable cosmetic fillers are soft tissue fillers. This is approved as medical devices by the Food and Drug […]

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Restylane Lips For A Renewed Look

If you have always envied women that have that sexy, pouty look to there may be a great trick you can use to achieve this look also. Restylane lips are a great way to fill out the lip area and you can have the pout that you only see on the biggest movie stars. Lush […]

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Restylane Treatment

Restylane injections are a current client favorite and continue to gain popularity among women and men of all ages. Providing you with results instantly, Restylane is a premium choice for those looking to smooth wrinkles and/or enhance facial features. Another benefit to consider is the fantastic long lasting results. Clients wishing to maintain their results […]

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Radiesse In Austin

Collagen is an essential part of keeping your facial skin looking young and radiant. As we age, we naturally lose and slow the production of collagen. This can lead to lose of elasticity and flexibility leading to wrinkles and sagging. Until now, they only way to improve this was invasive surgeries such as face-lifts. Not […]

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