Botox Injections for Sweating

Research shows that Botox is gaining great popularity in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Botox is actually a mild form of the botulism toxin. Doctors’ state that Botox is perfectly safe because it is a very low dosage of the toxin. Many women are reaching for the Botox injections left and right because it is certainly easier than resorting to plastic surgery to remove facial wrinkles and lines. Did you know that Botox also has other very amazing attributes? It’s true. Researchers found Botox injections for sweating is a very effective treatment for women who sweat severely. There are millions of women who suffer with the daily embarrassment of severe underarm sweating. This embarrassing problem will not simply go away. Most women who suffer with this problem often stay home because they fear embarrassing situations.

Many women find that deodorants or antiperspirants are not effective enough to end the severe sweating problem, so they seek other methods. Recently, the FDA approved the use of Botox Injections for sweating and controlling underarm odors. Now, many doctors recommend Botox to their patients to fight the problem.

Wondering how the Botox injections for sweating is applied to the patient? Well, the specialist or doctor takes the Botox Austin and injects it directly into the patients underarm area to stop the hyper sweating in the patient. The patient is able to resume normal activities after receiving the injection. Doctors’ suggest that the patient refrain from excessive exercise for a few hours after the injection. Research shows that the patients who received the injections were amazed at the results. Statistics show that the average patient noticed decreased sweating and odor almost immediately after the injections. Indeed, the results were remarkable but only a temporary fix. Patients’ report that after six to eight months the injections have to be repeated. Still, patients are very pleased with the results.

Category : Blog Posted on December 30, 2010

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