Botox Cream – A Less Expensive Alternative

For those of you considering Botox injections, there may be a less expensive option. Botox cream is a revolutionary new cream that can be rubbed into the skin to provide a similar effect to that of getting injected with Botox. This product helps to relax facial muscles by reducing the number of neurotransmitters beneath the skin that initiate muscle contractions. By reducing these contractions and lessening the depth of wrinkles, Botox cream acts much in the same manner a regular Botox injection does.

Botox cream is a non-paralytic means of minimizing wrinkles and fine lines found in area of the face where repetitive movement typically causes wrinkles. This is done without the expense or painful side-effects commonly associated with a regular Botox injection. Simply apply the cream daily, and watch as it takes effect in as little as two to three weeks.

With Botox creams, you don’t experience the painful side-effects of a regular Botox injection. The cream can be painlessly applied to problem areas where you wish to minimize the effects of aging. The cream acts upon the chemicals in the skin that cause wrinkles and reduces the depth of wrinkles that are already present, giving the user a more youthful appearance.

Botox creams are intended for use on the face, especially the forehead and the area around the eyes where crow’s feet are common. They are an inexpensive alternative to the expense of normal Botox treatment. With Austin Botox creams, the results aren’t as dramatic or as immediate as those of a Botox injection, but they are less invasive, making them a good option for those not wanting to get Botox injected into their face. With Botox creams, the savings can be in the thousands when compared to regular Botox treatments. Contact us today to find out if Botox cream is a good option for you.

Category : Blog Posted on December 31, 2010

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