Age Spots and Popular Treatments

As we age, our skin develops dark brown or black pigmentations that are called solar lentigines or age spots. Thankfully science has acquired new treatments that can renew and perk up the skin by removing these discolored spots. The treatments are highly effective and may vary with each individual. Treatments include:

1) Laser Treatment- is very effective at removing age, sun, brown or liver spots on the skin and is widely known as the most effective age spot treatment. The age spots that are removed is permanent as long as the individual doesn’t go back into the sun.

2) Chemical Peels- entail applying a chemical solution to the surface of the skin. There are varying degrees of depth depending on the type of peel being used. This method disperses the damaged, age-surface tissue, replacing it with a more younger looking layer.

3) Microdermabrasion-rejuvenates the actual upper layers of the skin. The exfoliation of the skin removes dead cells which results in an improvement to the texture of the skin. Also fine lines are less noticeable and improved areas where age spots are present.

4) Cryosurgery-also known as “cryotherapy” is a method used that destroys and displaces abnormal skin cells through freezing. It is usually applied by spraying or with a swab. Cryosurgery is not the typical surgery used for age spot treatment, but can be effective for some patients.

5) Creams-can be helpful, but it may be difficult to use these creams on the age spot alone. The surrounding skin area may discolor too leaving a light ring around the age spot.

Over all age spot treatment is not an extremely invasive procedure. Most of the time an individual will be in and out of the doctors office within twenty-minutes or a few hours. In this day and age of scientific advancements we can certainly declare with confidence “age is nothing but a number.” People are looking better and living longer too, especially with Austin botox.

Category : Blog Posted on December 24, 2010

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