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ACNE is a medical problem with enormous psychological and emotional consequences. Acne and problem skin plague people of all ages. It can take an enormous toll on the person who suffers with it. A person of any age with acne may have low self-esteem, be teased, or limit their life due to their feelings about their appearance and skin.

The cause of acne is usually multi-factorial. Acne results from hormonal imbalance, stress, diet and cosmetic products and inappropriate treatment regimens. Acne lesions can range from mild, with little redness and mostly blackheads or whiteheads, to severe, with cysts, pain and scarring. Regardless, acne is an inflammatory problem of the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. A primary cause of acne is the overgrowth of bacteria and an excessive amount of oil produced from testosterone stimulating the oil glands with blockage of the duct as the desquamated cells build up.

Traditional treatments for acne often leave the skin feeling dry, painful, thickened, and even greasy! Many of the treatments are toxic with serious side effects.

Traditional ACNE treatments have consistently failed to address what is a definitive treatment for acne – calming down the skin rather than hyper-stimulating it and healing the skin. The vast array of treatments for acne have changed little in the past 30 years, and yet patients consistently fail to get rid of their acne with these traditional treatments and there is a very high failure rate of treatment as well. These ineffective treatments lead to unnecessary expense, risks of treatment and potential for permanent scarring.

These traditional treatments, such as topical and oral antibiotics, scrubs and abrasives, topical benzoyl peroxides, and oral Isotretinoin (Accutane) can inflame or damage the skin. No one needs to go on Accutane or take antibiotics to cure their acne. Antibiotics can help in the short term to heal the skin. The skin can then stay healed with organic, natural products.

Hormone Deficiencies – A Primary Cause of Skin Conditions.

Acne can be a problem for both teenagers and adults. Often, a person may have no skin problems when a teenager but develop adult cystic acne later in life. This may be due to hormonal deficiencies that are overlooked and left untreated – even though they may be primary cause of the skin condition. Female skin conditions can be related to PCOS or progesterone deficiency. Male teenage and adult skin conditions can be related to Dihydrotestosterone. This exists when the testosterone converts to certain males into a significant percentage of DHT.

I2PLTreatments. Optimizing deficient hormones can cause the skin to heal itself. One successful treatment for fast skin healing is the use of intense pulsed light (I2PL). These treatments destroy the bacteria and shut down excess oil production, returning production back to normal. I2PL not only clears acne lesions, but may be one of the first treatments to offer permanent results.

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By Mike Clark, Director of Education & Research
Austin Aesthetics

Category : Acne Treatments &Blog Posted on December 27, 2010

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