3 Main Types of Dermal Fillers

A dermal filler is primarily used to decrease the visibility of fine lines, light surface scars, and lip enhancements. The dermal filler is given by injection and is often referred to as the “liquid lift”. Often able to heed results similar or comparable to surgical lift but, without the scaring or recovery.

Dermal fillers offer an instant result to the consumer seeking the treatment. Increasingly growing popular in women who are seeking the fountain of youth, dermal fillers are an easy answer to gaining their youth back. This is an out patient procedure that is performed in a licensened doctor’s office.

There are three main types of dermal fillers:

1. Collagen- is something that your body looses as the aging process takes place. Is it a natural substance within your body and should be accepted well. The process of receiving the collagen is through injection in a doctor’s office. There is virtually no recovery time though your skin my seem stiff or irritated for a few moments after treatment. This will clear up instantly and you will visibly see the results you are seeking. Collagen dermal fillers require repeating of its process every 3-6 months.

2. Hyaluronic- plays a grave role in the youthful feel and function of your skin. It too is found with in your own body produced naturally. The aging process causes the hyaluronic acid to dissipate and leaves your skin with less volume. This process is believed to last upwards of 6 months.

3. Calcium Hydroxyl apatite- targets the soft tissues in your face. Injected with a needle, calcium beads work to fill the fine lines and smooth out wrinkles. This process is known to last between 12 and 15 months. This procedure do not contain any form of lidocaine and topical ointment or local anesthetic is recommended.

Each of these methods are approved by the FDA. All have also been proven to heed results. Quick and convenient for any consumer seeking that fountain of youth. Major surgery is not necessary, obtain the results you are dreaming of by simply using one of the dermal filler techniques. Some of the fillers that Austin Aesthetics use are: Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane, and Restylane.

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