December, 2011

Get Rid of Wrinkles: Doctor Administered Botox at $9.50 per unit

After years of squinting, laughing, frowning, smoking, and worrying, the skin around the eyes and on the forehead will often develop deep lines and wrinkles called “expression lines.” A frequent concern is that they often make you look older, tired, or stressed. Until recently, these lines have been difficult to treat. Now, by utilizing this FDA-approved muscle-relaxing agent, expression lines can be significantly reduced.

BOTOX® Cosmetic, produced by Allergan, Inc., is a therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent derived from the bacterium, Clostridium Botulinum. For over a decade ophthalmologists have used BOTOX® Cosmetic for its original intention, the treatment of blepharospasm. Physicians have utilized BOTOX® Cosmetic for years as a cosmetic treatment to correct visible signs of stress and aging.

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